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As well as being very good at our jobs we offer a few services which set us apart from everyone else.


Have you ever thought about where the waste from your tree goes? At Forbes Treecare we like to reuse as much as we can to reduce our impact on the environment. We are in partnership with Ingrain Ltd, to offer bespoke furniture made from the wood from your very own tree! This way you can make the most of the resource that would have been burnt or left to rot once it was cut down. Mark Critchfield is a craftsman with many years’ experience and will happily talk you through the process.


We also offer a unique opportunity to see the view from your tree. While our climbers are working in your tree they’ll take a panoramic photo of the view. We can then print it for you so you can admire the view of London from an angle you’ve never seen before.    |    07921149118    |    Forbes Treecare Ltd, 6 Wentworth Gardens, London, N13 5SN     |

VAT reg no. 233 8461 08

Registered address: 19 The Springs, Broxbourne, England EN10 6EW.

Company No: 09259356 Registered in England & Wales                                                          

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