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we see many of trees removed for good reason or not. We always encourage our clients to plant replacement trees where possible, to preserve the green urban landscape that makes London as special as it is. Trees provide a habitat for a diverse range of insects, birds and bats which make up part of our ecosystem. It’s important to preserve them where we can.


If a tree does have to come down, my favourite way to reuse the wood is to turn it into furniture for use in your own home. We are working with Mark Critchfield at Ingrain Ltd who builds bespoke furniture with the wood from your tree.


If our clients have wood burning stoves or open fires we encourage them to use their wood for firewood rather than see it go to waste. We’ll happily chop it to the right length to fit in your fireplace and stack it neatly wherever you’d like it to go.


The rest of the material from the tree gets chipped and taken to a green recycling plant where it is usually burned for biomass or given to breweries to help them smoke their malt.

Sustainability - Forbes Treecare

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